Our company applies the latest equipment and cleaning
techniques, recommended by flooring and fabric
further providing our clientele the best service around!

We are a well established service company that has been in
business for over twenty three years, innovating with new
techniques and implementing high quality residential and
commercial cleaning services. We are a highly specialized
institutional, residential and commercial cleaning company
that provides carpet, upholstery, air duct, specialty rug
cleaning services and much more. As a service company we
strive to provide better and more hygienic home and work

At Nice-N-Clean, we can handle any kind of projects within
time limits while delivering quality cleaning services. Our
highly motivated technicians finish each project with dedication
and perfection, which is what sets us apart from any other
service company.

The key reasons for the growth of Nice-N-Clean have been our
clearly defined roles and objectives and the uncompromised
quality of our residential and commercial cleaning services.
The testimony to our quality services lies in our clients who
rely on our service company and have trusted us repeatedly
with all their cleaning projects.

Nice-N-Clean has a quality policy unmatched by any other
cleaning company. .
Beware of carpet cleaning scams!
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in your home, they raise their rates. Here at Nice-N-Clean,
we believe in up-front pricing. Here is a news report
showing what the news has uncovered!
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