Since 1987  Nice-N-Clean has been cleaning area rugs by hand to
ensure the beauty of these finely woven works of art.  At our
Company, we never submerge into large vats of liquid.  We prefer the
old, hand cleaning method to protect the dyes from heavy bleeding,
particularly with expensive heirloom rugs.

Knowing our Rugs:

When cleaning fine woven rugs, area rugs and other rugs, the most
important thing to remember is that no two rugs are alike.  Often the
most valuable are hand crafted, hand dyed, hand woven.  In many
parts of the world, rug making is a family tradition, and is usually
passed down from generation to generation. The dyes are usually
organic, with the richness of their color coming from  berries, roots,
plants and fruits.  So knowing  the specific type of rug that we are
working on, is very important. We try to do everything possible to
protect the dyes from bleeding or migrating.

Authentic Rugs:

An authentic oriental area rug is usually either knotted with pile or
woven without pile by families from different cultures, countries and
religious faiths who are involved in the production of rugs.   These
rugs are organized by origin-Persian, Central Asian, Antolian,
Caucasian, Kurdish, Chinese, East Turkestan, and Tibetan.   Here at
Nice-N-Clean we take the utmost care  in handling your fine woven
rugs.   With our pick-up and delivery service, your worries should be
put at ease.

Spot cleaning is offered as long as the area rug has been serviced
Here at Nice-N-Clean, we welcome fine woven rugs. We enjoy the time and
commitment it takes to service your specialty items.
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